Let us share our expertise with you and your staff. We're QuickBooks certified and classes are offered in a small business environment or at your business.

Business Classes

  1. Accounting Basics and Terminology:

    In this class you will learn how to do the basics of accounting including double entry posting, where posting goes onto the financial statements, how to organize a chart of account, basic accounting term, and starting up an accounting system.

  2. Financial Analysis:

    Learn how to read and analyze financial statements including balance sheets, profit/loss (income) statements, and statement of cash flow. Understand what bankers, IRS, and managers are looking for. Understand the health of your business.

  3. Cash Flow Management:

    Ever wonder where your cash is? Find out in this class. Learn how to forecast cash needs and ways to manage those needs.

  4. Budgeting and Forecasting:

    Learn how to create a short and long-term budget. Learn to compare alternatives. Learn to prepare information for use in business plans.

  5. Marketing and Advertising:

    Coming Soon!

  6. Office Organization:

    Has it been awhile since you have seen the top of your desk? Do you have trouble finding paperwork in your office? Is your filing cabinet empty or overflowing? Do you even have a filing cabinet? Take this class to get organized!

  7. Time Management and Productivity:

    This class teaches how to utilize your personnel and resources of your company to achieve the best rate of return.

  8. Customer Service:

    Are your customers so satisfied with your performance that they tell everyone they know to call you for your service? How do you get that from your customers?

QuickBooks Classes

  1. Initial Company Design and Set-Up:

    Never set up a QuickBooks Company? Need to start over with a more thought out set up? Start here!

  2. Basic Data Entries:

    Next step!
    New user can learn QuickBooks.
    This course covers the basics of entries for:
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Banking and Check writing
    • Deposits
    • Reports
  3. Payroll:

    • Payroll from start to finish
    • New employee through quarterly and year end reports
    • Timecards
    • Governmental reporting requirements
    • How to post for invoicing customers
  4. Job Costing:

    • Estimate in QuickBooks
    • Purchasing
    • Posting to jobs from Vendors and Employees
    • Invoicing for job costing
    • Reports and analysis
  5. Inventory:

    Inventory can be done in QuickBooks with proper training and set-up
    • Learn how to set-up inventory.
    • Learn how to use inventory for invoicing
    • Learn how to reconcile inventory and find errors
    • Learn how to navigate through the maze that QuickBooks creates in inventory
  6. Advanced QuickBooks:

    Inventory can be done in QuickBooks with proper training and set-up
    • Monthly closing procedures
    • auditing
    • Corrections
    • Year end procedures